Konbiniya Japan Centre

Located in a small ice cream counter next to a Japanese snack shop, this green tea soft serve is a great way to end your meal at Robson. The green tea flavor is fairly strong for a soft serve. I liked the icey instead of milky texture. 8/10 for the price nonetheless.

Address: 1238 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1C1

Green Tea Soy Milk Soft Serve

This is another green tea soft serve located in an ice cream counter next to a bookstore in the streets of Tokyo. The green tea flavor was rather disappointingly weak along with the soy milk taste. Have to admit the cone was surprisingly the best part of the soft serve. The price was however very reasonable for a sweet treat after a tiring day of shopping. Overall 7/10 for a dessert in Tokyo.

Address: Shinjuku, Tokyo

Sweet House Cha Cha
Hong Kong

For matcha lovers out there, this rich and milky matcha twist would definitely sweeten your day! Though this ice cream is only sandwiched in the middle of bunch of other stores in the food court, people still come all the way to the basement to get a sweet treat after their meal. This shop serves authentic and rich matcha dessert and this classic matcha twist is generously big for a soft serve portion. All their desserts are made from the finest quality tea leaves harvested as early as cataphyll; and buttery milk soft cream made from premium Hokkaido milk. Price is above average but their taste is totally worth every dollar. 10/10 all the way.

Address: 31, 21 Sharp St E, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Cr. @Nette T. Yelp, 2018


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