This authentic Japanese restaurant that’s been opened around for a year in Downtown Vancouver is famous not only for their delicious mazesoba, but also their Hokkaido Creme Cone. Before I start, I’ll talk a bit about the interior and layout of their restaurant.


From the waiting area to the booth and bar tables, Kokoro provides a warm and welcoming space for their customers. Upon serving delicious comfort food, the delightful authentic colours and organic materials will first comfort your hungry soul.

Kokoro is always filled with customers queuing for their mazesoba, so if you’re just here for their ice cream, you can skip the line and directly go to the pink counter to order your dessert.

Hokkaido Creme Cone $5.99

Unlike the usual soft serves that normally twirl around the cone, this Hokkaido creme cone came in one big serve of ice cream with a vertically twirled pattern that accentuated the unique curves of this soft serve.

Just as how they name this, you can totally taste the richness of the Hokkaido milk that they used and the texture was really soft and creamy. Whether if it is the taste or the texture, the cone reminds me of Shiroi Koibito, which is a snack made with vanilla and milk chocolate and they are manufactured in Hokkaido as well. Folded into a cone, this sweet biscuit adds a crunchy texture to the creamy soft serve. I’m really surprised that they combined two of Hokkaido’s most famous snack to make this authentic Hokkaido Creme Cone. I totally recommend you to get this instead of the Hokkaido Creme Cup as you can only get this type of professionally made Shiroi Koibito cone here in Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba. Though $5.99 may seem pricey for a soft serve, I can guarantee that you will not regret any cent you spend on this sweet Hokkaido treat.

Fiji Cheese Cup Cake $5.49

Other than their Hokkaido Creme Cone, Kokoro also has another dessert called Fiji Cheese Cup Cake for those who wants a light treat after but want something that’s not as cold as ice cream.

This cup cake comes in a cute little paper cup and a mini shovel as the spoon. Unlike other cup cake that has a spongey texture, this one is made up of foamy and creamy cheese on top and a layer of Oreo crumbs at the bottom. I really like how rich the cheese tastes like and how the Oreo crumbs add more sweetness to the dessert so it doesn’t taste like you’re shoveling plain cheese into your mouth. For those who like cheesy desserts like me would definitely dig this cheese cup cake.

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