Class today was organized a bit different. Our professor invited all of us to step out of the classroom and separated us into two lines. The point of this activity is to get us to share our blog topic to the person standing opposite to us, and we changed partners every 3 minutes. Though we didn’t have time to go through every single one, I find this activity really helpful. Through this process, I was able to know more about what other classmates were blogging about and also I understood my blog better. Some partners told me they are blogging about travel, and that inspired me to blog about dessert and drinks reviews from all over the world since it’s really important to find a niche to stand out from the myriad of foodies online nowadays. Some partners also told me how they remember seeing my blog and that makes me really delighted. I really value my classmates’ comments about my blog since it is important to for bloggers to know that they are not talking to themselves online (Tara, 2009). As I was sharing about my blog topic, I even gave some cozy cafe suggestions to an exchange student. This whole interaction was casual enough for us to freely exchange our ideas and opinions. After personally hearing about what my classmates are doing, I became more interested in being one of their readers to follow their content. Overall, I genuinely liked this whole ‘speed-dating’ style of sharing as a way to learn about blogging.

Tara Chittenden. 2010. “Digital dressing up: modelling female teen identity in the discursive spaces of the fashion blogosphere.” Journal of Youth Studies

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