This week, I was assigned to review Luke’s website Krowmeat Does Art. As Luke explains in his about page, Krowmeat is the online alias he uses and he posts his artwork on this website. His site has clear navigation to his content – he organizes his work into Art Blog, Nonsense, and Pub 101. The blog posts on his Art Blog are detailed descriptions of his rationale behind his creative artwork. He posts big photos of his illustrations so that the audience can clearly appreciate even the small details of how he colors his drawings. He also explains what inspired him to create these illustrations and shared about his personal stories behind these drawings.

In terms of his design decisions, his blog looks like a professional illustrator’s website. Luke demonstrates a strong sense of graphic design skills through maintaining a geeky yet aesthetic themed blog throughout his posts. He spends effort in putting up his design process with sketches he created and explains his ideas one by one. He even links the plugin he installed for his font and social media accounts. His blog radiates his individuality and creativity as he clearly knew from the start that he wanted his blog to “have a chaotic yet laid back energy”.

This blog is an example of how someone is capable of posting both quality media and text content. Apart from his creative and artistic illustrations content, Luke shares his reflective thoughts after reading Craig Mod’s article How I Got My Attention Back. Not only does he comment on the points made in the article, but he also reflects upon his own internet use and habits with regards to his identity as someone being born in a digital age. He even generously opens up about his own issues and thoughtfully relate them to the concept of connectivity, which shows his strong understanding of the readings.

Overall, I think Luke is able to establish a clearly articulated self on this blog. His writing tone can shift from sarcastic to serious when it comes to reflections, but also maintain a casual and engaging tone that his readers would appreciate. He uses professional graphic design terms and language that is easy for his readers to understand. His reflections and descriptions are also clear and free of error. As I read through his blog posts, it seems that he is able to use this website as a platform to express himself through sharing his own artwork. Towards the end of this semester, I think he will develop an art blog that is rich in content and an online self that he would feel comfortable posting on this website.

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