Ader Error is a Korean fashion brand that takes online marketing to the next level, you’ll understand why if you visit their official website .

Design elements

Ader Error’s website has a contemporary minimalist theme for their overall design. There is no blank space in their webpage. Photos of their store concept and products are maxmized to fit the whole page. White bold helvetica font is used on top of these aesthetic HD photos. Scrolling through their page therefore makes you feel like you’re flipping the pages of a fashion magazine.

Since this brand really takes the effort to distinguish themselves from other fashion brands, the layout of their website is also really unique. As you can see from above, there is no menu or clear directions on where and how to shop their products. On the one hand, it might not work for people who just want to get on their site and order clothes as it’ll take them some time to figure out where to get to their shop. On the other hand, I think this works as their website might want to showcase all their newest collection and their store concepts through their editorials first before their viewers are convinced to find where the online shop is.

After clicking into one of the editorials in the front page, you will be led to the collection you’ve clicked on. There, you can see the horizontal menu that appears on the top of the page. The fact that they used plain colors for the maximized photos to present their products allow the drop down shop menu to be completely transparent and still manages to show the product categories clearly.

Unlike how fast fashion brands like H&M screams consumption on their main page, Ader Error is really good at subtly and professionally marketing their brand through presenting their aesthetic editorials of their collections. I think this design element really sets them apart as a high-end contemporary fashion brand.

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