Living in a hot and humid city like Hong Kong, getting dessert is the best way to spend a summer day. While there are plenty of Korean style shaved ice opened in Hong Kong, the Japanese Shari Shari Kakigori House is hands down my all time favourite. “Kakigori” is shaved ice in Japanese. Not only does the interior of Shari Shari gives off a nostalgic authentic Japanese dessert place, their dessert also tastes as sweet the after class high school memories.


Since Hong Kong is a densely populated city, the space inside Shari Shari is also very compact. Despite how small the store is, Shari Shari still tries to maximize every single corner they have and fit in 4 tables and 1 bar table for their loyal customers. By using transparent see-through windows and sliding doors, their tiny store allows you to see the concrete and wood themed interior in the cafe from the outside. The warm designs they implemented gives their customers a relaxing and cozy space in contrast to their icy dessert.
There is a blackboard that’s hung up on the wall where customers can stick the polaroids they took in the store to keep their sweet memories in Shari Shari. I can still find the polaroid of my friends in uniforms took during their school days!


Apart from their shaved ice, Shari Shari still serves a wide range of authentic Japanese dessert options. But being the stubborn customer that I am, the order I always end up getting is their Earl Grey Milk Tea Kakigori.

Earl Grey Milk Tea Shaved Ice $15

You know how cute dessert often only looks good but tastes awful when you take a bite? This earl grey milk tea shaved ice begs to differ. The artistic nest-like design of the shaved ice looks as good as how it tastes. The early grey milk tea flavour is really strong even served as shaved ice. There are even cinnamon bread crumbs and Hokkaido milk pudding hidden in the middle of the shaved ice. Though they also have other flavors like matcha and strawberry, I think this early grey milk tea flavor is really unique and delicious. A must-go if you ever visit Hong Kong!

Matcha Red Bean Special with Mochi $16.67

Another shaved ice I’ve tried in Shari Shari was this matcha flavored one. Though the shaved ice still tastes as light and fresh as the earl grey milk tea one, I think this doesn’t really taste that special to me. As you can see only the top layer of ice is covered with matcha syrup, I think the matcha flavor wasn’t strong enough for the whole shaved ice. Neither does the milk syrup on the side nor the red bean on the top can spice up the shaved ice. The chocolate souffle that we added $10 to make it a combo was quite disappointing too. While the souffle is quite soft and spongey, the chocolate taste can be a little richer. I wouldn’t recommend spending the extra $10 for two small pieces of souffle.

Address: 14 Haven St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Hours: Monday-Sunday, 1-10:30 pm

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