The blog I’m reviewing this week is Usability. This site explores the varying usability of products and spaces. I like how the minimalist theme keeps the overall design elegant and aesthetic. The black serif font she used for her site clearly communicates her usability content and connects to the simplistic concept of her site. The affordance of her serif logo also adds a sense of modernity and professionalism for her site.

For the blog’s layout, it seems that the designer is in the process of dividing her blog posts and assignments on the main page. There are currently two “Recent Posts” on the same page, which the designer might want to rename them to “Blog posts” and “Assignments” for clearer titles in the future. There also seems to be a weird asymmetric design for the first cluster of blog posts, where the squared pictures on the left side of the site don’t really align with the titles and subtitles that are placed in the middle. But considering the overall thoughtful webpage design, this should probably be a small technical issue that the designer will be fixing soon. The content at the bottom of the main page nonetheless is able to balance out the weight of the large subtitle text on the top of the page.

In terms of the structure of her site, her content are organized neatly – the menu tap on the right corner can directly bring users to find her assignments and blog posts that are separately categorized. This makes it easy for users to navigate her content. Rather than posting long paragraphs for her usability reviews, I like how she uses subtitles and bullet-points for her long blog posts to present her ideas. This makes her content easy to read and follow. The photos she uses for her posts are aesthetic and relevant enough to attract readers to click onto them. Her site demonstrates her knowledge from studying UX design.

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