If you’ve been craving shaved ice to a point that you even dreamed about it, then you’ll have to try out this Tropical Dream Bingsoo near Gilmore!

I’m usually not a big fan of mango shaved ice since most of them just rely on the mango to add taste to a mountain of tasteless shaved ice. This mango bingsoo however begs to differ. With over 10 ingredients used as toppings, this mango bingsoo guarantees the most creative mix for a tropical dessert.

Tropical Dream Bingsoo $15.50

I’ll start with the first thing that you’re most likely to take a bite of – fresh mangoes cut in big cubes were generously added around the shaved ice. I like how they really took the effort to use the most tropical ingredients to layer them on top of the bingsoo. The toasted coconut and granola not only take this shaved ice to a whole new level, but they also take your taste buds to the tropical islands of Hawaii. Rather than using the usual mango ice cream as their topping, I was really surprised by how Snow Angel steps up their mango dessert with a scoop of their house made pineapple and mango sorbet. They totally perfectly balanced the sourness and sweetness of the sorbet.

As for the presentation, I’m not sure if this was intended or not but the pineapple chip was cut in the shape of an angel’s wings. It’d make sense if this was intended since this is one of Snow Angel’s signature dessert. Though the herb leaves might look unnecessary, they visually added another layer of tropical sensation to this bingsoo. The portion is definitely worth $15.50 as I had to share it with two other friends both times I went.


– shaved iced milk
– yogurt powder
– palm sugar syrup
– condensed milk
– fresh mango
– granola
– coconut toasted
– mango espuma
– pineapple & mango sorbet
– pineapple chip
– herb


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4325 Dawson St, Burnaby, BC V5C 0J8

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