Lougheed is famous for its Korean cafes and this one I’m introducing not only serves drinks but also delicious desserts. This cafe is pretty spacious for you to study. There are plenty of tables and there’s also a bench at the front of the cafe if you want some personal space.

Oreo Ice Blended 16 oz $5.50

After coming here a several times for their tiramisu, I finally decided to try their Oreo Ice Blended drink they have on their drinks menu. Though it took a while to make, it was totally worth the wait! Unlike the Java Chip Frappe at Starbucks that’s usually too icey, this drink blends the oreo well with the milk and even layered a few oreo cereal on top as decor. It’s easy to sip up all the drink as the ice were blended smoothly and there was enough milk in this drink. I have to admit this was a really sweet drink but not to an extent that you won’t be able to handle it as I finished it in 15 minutes.

Black Sesame Latte 16oz (hot) $5.50

This black sesame latte is another drink I got after a long day of class. Though their drinks usually tend to be too sweet, I think the sweetness for this drink works. I really liked the whipped cream that was layered on top of the latte which balances out the slight bitterness in the black sesame. Each sip is a rich mixture of whipped cream and black sesame milk with espresso. As someone who usually can’t stand a high intake of caffeine, I’d totally recommend this drink to keep yourself awake for finishing work!

Personal tip: If you think the black sesame taste is not enough in this drink, I’d highly recommend you to add some cinnamon that they provide so that you won’t waste the latte that’s still remaining in the cup!

The drinks in this cafe are pretty sweet in general though as the matcha latte that my friend ordered was way sweeter than the usual ones.

4501 North Road
Burnaby, BC V3N 4J5

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