As a user of Adblock since 2010, I’ve been browsing comfortably without the disruption of ads. But now that I’ve become a blogger myself, I started to pay attention to how independent or small journalists or content creators survive in this Information Age. While most websites use ads to generate profit for putting up content online, Vara (2015) points out that advertising alone no longer can sustain local news endeavors. Rather, one’s business model has to be linked to big and important stories. This makes me reflect about my own content – what and how should I blog so that my posts are relevant stories to readers? As a dessert blogger, I think it is vital for me to understand what information my readers would want to get from reading my blog. I would have to provide insights to my readers in order to increase my news worthiness. I think this will forever be a challenge for me to balance between posting interesting stories that would attract an audience and also posting original content that would stand out from the rest of the foodies.

Vauhini Vara. 2015. “Survival Strategies for Local Journalism”,

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