This week’s beat suggestion, “Sweet Medicine”

Whenever I have deadlines due soon, Juillet Cafe is where I’d get my caffeinated drink to keep me awake for work. But after I started blogging about drinks and desserts, I decided to give their desserts a try too. This week, I’ll be reviewing their original and green tea flavoured tiramisu.

The Original

First, let’s start with this tiramisu cake I ordered. Other than the stiffness of the cake that made me felt like it had been refrigerated for a while, the cheese and rum flavours were both present. While some tiramisu would just skip the middle layer of lady-finger biscuits soaked in rum, I could totally taste the layer of bitterness that was sandwiched in between the sweet and rich cheese mixture. Since I’ve been craving tiramisu for a while, this totally satisfied my sweet tooth.

“Box Cake Matcha Tiramisu” ?

The second tiramisu I tried in this cafe (on another day!) was the green tea flavoured one that comes in a plastic box. Since it is packaged, I was a bit worried that the tiramisu wouldn’t taste as fresh – unfortunately I was right.
Priced at $7, I was hoping that the tiramisu would tastes creamier. But since the package did say it’s a box cake on top of matcha tiramisu, it tasted more like a green tea cake instead of a tiramisu. This texture of this box cake feels like it’s been refrigerated for a while also. But overall the taste was not bad, it still tastes like green tea with some cheese and cream fillings. The portion was also big enough for this price. I just prefer their freshly brewed caffeinated drinks instead.

Address: 4341 North Rd, Burnaby, BC V3N 4N4

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