Plug into your earphones for a virtual Standing Egg Coffee cafe experience

Looking for a warm and cozy cafe to spend your afternoon at? Standing egg is another rustic themed Korean cafe in Lougheed. Though I usually just go to another cafe that’s nearer to the skytrain station, I decided to give Standing Egg a try after hearing a bunch of good reviews for their coffee.

Hidden in the corner of the North Road Centre, the lighting inside is also dimmed. The cafe itself is pretty spacious. Wood boxes, light bulbs and old coffee makers are placed in the middle of the cafe as decoration, giving you a nostalgic vibe once you enter.

Since I had school early in the morning the next day, I ended up ordering their cold Royal Milk Tea instead of their coffee to avoid the caffeine still running in my blood at 3 in the morning.

Royal Milk Tea (Cold) $5.70

This royal milk tea came in a big glass jar. Though the ice to drink ratio was reasonable, the royal milk flavor was not particularly strong to me. With this price and Standing egg’s popularity, I was expecting for a more authentic royal milk tea taste in this drink. I guess this is a Korean cafe after all and royal milk tea is not what they specialize in. The ones I had in other Taiwanese bubble tea place tasted much richer and would be cheaper than this $5.7 order. I have to say the portion was pretty big comparing to other cafes, but I definitely would try their coffee instead next time.

Nonetheless, Standing Egg is a nice cafe for doing work.

4501 N Road Unit 109 Burnaby, BC V3N 4R7

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