I think I’m not the only one who notice the amount of “Our site uses cookies” that has been increasingly appearing online. It’s weird that I’ve sort of got used to clicking agree to all these tabs that appear on the sites, since I used to be frantic over the idea of someone tracking my data when I visit a site. Analytics now don’t just focus on a micro level where we can track a certain IP address of someone who left a hate comment online. Analytical tools for big data collection is now widely used in most online platforms. From the companies or content creators’ perspective, users’ data are essentially as precious as oil to their business. Understanding their users and how they behave allow them to market their content to the right audience thus boost sales profit. But for users, it could definitely be stressful knowing that our personal data are being tracked and used for algorithms and ads.

In this information age, it is inevitable that we leave digital footprints online nowadays, where the information of our behavior online are constantly tracked. We can use incognito windows and private browsing on our phone, but once we get out and use our credit cards, we are giving away our mode of consumption to banks and retailers. Basically, any of our behaviour that involves digital technology would be recorded and tracked. I think this is why we therefore all sort of all accepted the fact that this is how technology works and do little to protect our data.

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