After trying out almost all the shaved ice and cafes in Burnaby and Coquitlam, I finally had time to go all the way to Richmond for my favourite Asian dessert – grass jelly and taro balls.


Blackball is a Taiwanese dessert place that specialize in grass jelly. If you’ve been a reader since my first blog post, I’m sure you’ll agree that this place reminds you of the shaved ice place I went during my trip in Taiwan. Both stores welcome their guests with this cute little black ball with round eyes sitting on the balcony. I can’t really find how they are related, but I guess both Taiwanese dessert place are trying to use this cute mascot to market their dessert.

(TMI: i went back to check this one has 2 legs the other one has 4)

Grass Jelly with Mini Balls $9.80

The order we end up getting at last was grass jelly with mini balls. These mini balls are some of BlackBall’s exclusive toppings that are handmade. The grass jelly itself didn’t taste like they added a lot of artificial sweetener to it since they also gave us condensed milk on the side for us to adjust the sweetness ourselves.

Exclusive Toppings

Since what’s special about this dessert is their exclusive toppings, I will separately comment on each flavor. The mini balls that we finished eating first were the sesame flavored ones. All three of us agree that the sesame taste was strong enough in these mochis and that they go really well with grass jelly. We can even feel the sesame powder texture when we chewed.

Our second favourite flavor was the TaroQ. Once again both the taste and texture convinced us that they really made these taro balls in house. Since yam is the most common mochi that Taiwanese grass jelly stores serve, I think the matcha mini balls was really special. We could tell that their ingredients were freshly made since all four mochis were really soft and chewy. These mini balls made the black grass jelly really colorful and presentable.

I think the portion was pretty big for $9.80 as three of us skipped dinner and shared this dessert but we were really full after our last bite. I would totally recommend order this regular size and share it with your friends since you can try out more of their exclusive toppings.

Address: 8300 Capstan Way Unit 1061, Richmond, BC

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