I still remember reading about this guy who claimed he came back from the 3700 future and warned everyone that humans will be controlled by robots. Back in 2005, this sounded like some sci-fi non sense to me. Now that is 2019, I’m totally convinced that guy did came back from 2046. Although for now humans aren’t slaves of gigantic robots that look like the transformers, we have already become slaves to technology. It’d be a really technological determinist thing for me to blame technology for changing how we live, but I can’t help but ponder about the increasing technological influence in our daily lives. I remember Suzanne brought up the example of how a girl suddenly got a bunch of baby and pregnancy products recommended to her when her menstruation tracking app realized she missed her period that month. I think it’s really ironic how we invented all these app and technology to make our lives better yet they seem to shape the way we live now. Knowing how powerful and profitable technology can be, it’s hard for Google to not consider about building a search engine that comply with China’s censorship on sensitive content since China has a big market. Facebook also realizes its power owing to infrastructural imperialism that it can launch Free Basics to third worlds and offer them Facebook as a substitution of an actual internet, branching out their power across the globe regardless of how useful their technology actually is. Reading about these news just reinforces how technology has a dominating power in the world we’re living in right now, it might not even take 2000 more years to get to the point where we are completely controlled by robots.

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