As a communication major student that has a great interest in coming up with ideas to promote various activities or brands, I really enjoyed the marketing campaign activity that our guest speakers asked us to participate in. We were asked to hold up cards with the marketing campaign names on them and flip over them to show the picture of this campaign when a student asks about it. One of the campaigns that I was most amazed about was the blood donation campaign where brands and signs drop the letters A, B, and O to raise awareness towards the lack of blood available and encourage people to donate blood. After this activity, I realize that marketing doesn’t limit to ads, but also all forms of creative ideas that are immersive in our daily lives. Inspired by this activity and the “Pokemon as Transmedia Storytelling” reading, I came up with the idea of incorporating cafe music recommendations along with my dessert and cafe reviews. Apart from using images and texts to show and describe the taste of different cakes and drinks, adding relaxing lofi cafe music to my blog posts can bring a more aesthetic and immersive cafe experience to my readers, thus reinforces my blog concept as a virtual online cafe. As Jenkins suggests, “Transmedia storytelling is the ideal aesthetic form for an era of collective intelligence. ” I should make good use of the various forms of medium available to market my blog.

Reference: 2013. “Pokemon as transmedia storytelling.

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