Owing to the disinhibition effect, the anonymity online can promote irresponsible comments (Stein, 2016). The following are the community guidelines that I will implement to ensure a secure space:

No Trolling
This blog is dedicated to sharing desserts, if you’d like to insult any party/cake/ice cream, your comment will be automatically deleted.

No Sale of Illegal Goods and Services
Half Milk and Sugar blogs about cafe reviews, not molly reviews. We will not tolerate any promotion of drugs or illegal services. Comments that violate this guideline will be automatically deleted.

No harassment
Half Milk and Sugar cares about the diversity of comments we receive across the globe. While comments that promote the discussion of food from different cultures are genuinely welcomed, comments that express any form of hatred targeting the topic of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identities and sexual orientation are strictly prohibited. Please be respectful towards each other and read others’ comments appreciatively.

Joel Stein, (2016) “How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet”

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