It’s been a sweet and eventful journey blogging about dessert and cafes for the past few months. Since this review should be my last blog post assignment and I promised from the beginning of the term that I’d be posting blog posts to receive my flexible five, I decided to combine all the Korean shaved ice that I’ve had and write an ultimate bingsoo review of not 2, not 3, but 5 Korean dessert shops in Lougheed.

Midam Cafe

Cr. Penny and Rusty

Hidden in the corner of the North Road Centre in Lougheed, Midam Cafe is a NBA themed Korean restaurant that serves mouth watering-food and bingsoo. Surrounded by basketballs, figures, Jordans and jerseys, you might question yourself if you’ve walked into a NBA museum instead of a restaurant. There is even a basketball hoop placed in the middle of the tables that would make you feel like you’re sitting in the front row of an NBA game instead of a Korean restaurant. Having such unique themed designs and decorations, you can tell that the dessert Midam has would be just as special.

Black Sesame Soy Milk Bingsoo

Out of all the bingsoo places in Lougheed, this black sesame flavored shaved ice is the most unique and satisfying dessert I’ve had. Using soy milk as the shaved ice base, Midam sprinkles a generous amount of red beans, chewy mochi, crunchy almond chips and cornflakes on top of the big black sesame ice cream on their bingsoo. You’ll relish every single bite of this perfect black sesame and soy milk combination.

Tiramisu Bingsoo

Craving both cakes and bingsoo? Midam got your hungry taste buds! This Tiramisu shaved ice literally has a big block of tiramisu placed on top. There are a few pieces of strawberries on the side if they make you feel better about your diet. The big spread of whipped cream is totally not helping though. Beware of the portion of this bingsoo as you might need to unbutton your jeans after finishing half of it!

Address: 4501 North Rd #110a, Burnaby, BC V3N 4R7


Strawberry Mochi Bingoo

Personally I think Sulbing serves the freshest shaved ice among the rest. Ordering their fruit-based bingsoo is therefore always a good idea. This strawberry mochi bingsoo is layered by uniformly cut strawberry strips dipped with strawberry sauce. Topped with a big piece of strawberry mochi that’s cut in half and a shot of condensed milk on the side, Sulbing makes sure every part of your taste bud is enveloped with sweetness.

Address: 4501 North Rd #202a, Burnaby, BC V3N 4J5


Strawberry Bingsu

Comparing this to Sulbing’s strawberry shaved ice, clearly there are less strawberry pieces. Forgive Sulmida for cutting on the strawberries as they are saving room for the big scoop of vanilla ice cream for you! The way they’re decorating this bingsu practically looks like a shrine to me. I still prefer Sulbing’s version though as you can taste fresh strawberries in every single bite instead of the strawberry syrup that Sulmida uses.

Address: 64V4+7Q Burnaby, British Columbia (It’s right behind Sulbing!)

Snowy Village

Oreo Shaved Ice

Snowy Village is famous for the snowflake texture of their shaved ice and they are not wrong! Even with a thick layer of oreo crumbs sprinkled on top, taking a spoon from this shaved ice still feels like you’re shoveling a pile of snow inside your mouth! Though personally I’m not a big fan of the whipped cream that’s always present in all the bingsoo, I understand that a plain oreo shaved ice would be too boring. I’d recommend you to skip the whipped cream if you’re stressed about the calories. It’s honestly not that appetizing to mix shaved ice with whipped cream to me.

Cheesecake Shaved Ice

This cheesecake flavored bingsoo is one of the most popular dessert in Snowy Village. As someone who really likes sweet dessert, I was really worried that the shaved ice would be tasteless (because honestly why spend $10 on a bowl of water flavored shaved ice when you can just drink water). After I tried a spoon, of this bingsoo, I was really impressed by the rich milk flavor of the shaved ice! It might be a bit clumsy to eat the cheesecake cubes that are stuck at random parts of the bingsoo, but who can complain them for adding a little more sweetness and calories?

Address: 15100-1188 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam, BC V3B 0K9

Passion 8

Matchacha Shaved Ice + Cheesecake

Even though this matcha bingsoo has a few cubes of cheesecake on top, we still ordered another piece of cheesecake. I thought we were being too greedy at first but the matcha bingsoo didn’t turn out as tasty as we hoped it’ll be. The green tea flavor wasn’t really present for me but the huge amount of red beans and big spread of whipped cream did save this shaved ice at last!

Address: 403 North Rd, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3V9

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